Sunday, January 8, 2006

Birth تولد

Birth تولد
How can I start?
how can I begin?
could I be sf in my des?
Would I b sf in my ft?
how when where...
where's my sc?
where's my k?
where's my ch?
where's my brlnt mn?
I think about d
I think about b
I think about n2b
Do you und me?
Front of me, a mirror, I, see myself, ask q, who r u?, I, close my eyes, see again, what do you see?, nothing, what do you see?, nothing, what do you see?, nothing, imagine, imagine, imagine,... now again what do you see?
[crying] when I was a child 4-5-6 year-old
running in the field,
walking with family,
playing, ...
anybody? no no no al
al in thinking working everything I doing!
hate noon sleeping in the kg,
happy cz of prmsn for no sleep,
happy when see my uncle aunt gm ...,
Black&White Pix,
an inverse tortoise ...
b4 b4 b4 ...
my m mems!
morning cool winter night b4 dawn exactly!
[bb crying crying crying] hitting back [dct]
[bb being extinguish] hitting back [dct]
Think bdly for m [gm]
how's my dghtr? [gm] good [nrs]
what about chd? [nrs] nt imp [gm]
nt imp nt imp nt imp ...


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